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November 16, 2016

Volume 16 Issue 46

U.S. Base Oil Price Report

While base oil postings were unchanged, a lot of competitive pricing seemed to be taking place behind the scenes. Speculation also arose about the impacts that President-elect Donald Trumps trade policies could have on base oils.Following the initial surprise about the election results, some participants expressed concerns about potential trade policy changes that might affect the base oil industry...

EMEA Base Oil Price Report

The past week saw little activity in the European, Middle Eastern and African base oil markets, with buyers and sellers adopting a wait-and-see attitude. What they are waiting to see is difficult to pinpoint.Refiners appear unconcerned about inventory levels or even returns from base oil production. There is almost an undercurrent of acceptance from both sides of the market,...

German Use of Industrial Lubes to Fall

BERLIN - Germanys lubricant market is the second largest in Europe in large part because of its large industrial base, but the countrys demand for many industrial lubes will probably shrink in coming years due to shifts in the global economy and adoption of higher performing products, an industry observer told a conference here last month.Stephan Baumgartel, managing director...

LSC Grows in Jamaica

Less than two years after opening its first blending plant in Jamaica, Lubricating Specialties Co. is continuing its expansion in the Caribbean island through an agreement to operate another plant near the capital city, Kingston.LSC Jamaica Ltd., a subsidiary of the Pico Rivera, California-based manufacturer, signed a long-term lease agreement for an undisclosed price with Rubis Energy Jamaica for...

Steady Growth for Wind Energy Lubes

Lubricant demand for use in wind energy applications will grow at a 7.4 percent compound annual rate over the next five years, likely reaching more than 50,000 metric tons consumption by 2020, Kline & Co. estimated.This is much slower than we have witnessed over the last five years, but is still quite respectable, Sushmita Dutta, Klines project lead for...

Cosan Lubricants Net Revenue Declines

Cosans net revenue from the sale of lubricants and other goods and services, plus the resale of base oils, totaled 463.6 million Brazilian reais (U.S. $134.4 million) for the three months ending Sept. 30, down 4.3 percent from the year-earlier period.Lubricant sales volumes declined 6 percent to 84,000 cubic meters.The lubricants manufacturer and distributor said in its quarterly earnings...

ATIEL Publishes New Lists of Conformance Signatories

ATIEL published on its website new lists of lubricant marketers and base stock manufacturers that have signed letters of conformance confirming adherence to the requirements of the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System and the ATIEL Code of Practice.ATIEL, the European lubricants industrys technical association, administers the system on behalf of the automobile, lubricant and lubricant additive segments.The list...

Briefly Noted

Emersons Automation Solutions acquired FMC Technologies blending and transfer business unit in Chicago, as well as the units engineering and procurement office in Changshu, China. Troy Corp. unveiled its science and technology center - including additive formulation laboratories - at its headquarters in Florham Park, New Jersey. Detrex Corp. relocated its corporate headquarters from Southfield, Michigan, to the offices...


The Oct. 19 Lube Report included an article about delays in the expansion and upgrade of Luberefs base oil plant in Yanbual-Bahr, Saudi Arabia. Luberef contended that the article misrepresented its position and further advised that as a matter of principle and company policy it does not publicly discuss precise causes of a project delay. The company also advises...
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