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Sequence IVB Test Suffers Setback

The last engine test for ILSAC GF-6 failed this month to gain acceptance into the passenger car engine oil classification, a critique that the proposed method does not adequately gauge the ability of oils to prevent engine wear.

API Unveils New Logo for SAE 0W-16

The North American auto industry now has a formal schedule for commercial introduction of the next passenger car motor oil standards and a new certification mark - a shield - for low viscosity SAE 0W-16 products.

Concerns Ease Over ACEA Use of ILSAC Tests

Automaker and oil company representatives say their biggest concerns about European use of engine tests developed in North America have been alleviated and that they are now confident that major problems should not arise from those tests being used on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lubricants Group Ballots SN Plus

The American Petroleum Institutes Lubricants Group closed its ballot on SN Plus Dec. 29, with a healthy majority voting to adopt the supplemental category, industry insiders confirmed.

SN Plus Date Still Up in the Air

The American Petroleum Institutes Lubricants Standards Group formally adopted API SN Plus last week but still has not set a date for first licensing. The group - along with automakers - would like that date to be May 1, but a schedule has been held up by testing related to base oil interchange and read-across rules for one of the tests in the supplemental oil category.

API Proposes SN Plus Delay

API staff members recommended last week that first licensing for the API SN Plus supplemental engine oil specification be delayed for six weeks until June 15 in order to allow more time for lubricant marketers to prepare for the launch.

Wear Test Gets Vote Despite Debate

The Sequence IVB engine test, the final test for the much-delayed ILSAC GF-6 engine oil category, cleared a major hurdle this month when the Passenger Car Engine Oil Panel recommended it be adopted as an ASTM procedure.

SN Plus First Use Set for May 1

The American Petroleum Institute advised yesterday that May 1 will be the first licensing date for API SN Plus, the supplemental classification for passenger car motor oils.

Sequence IVB Rules Approved

The API Lubricants Group closed the last key Base Oil Interchange/Viscosity Grade Read-Across task force ballots and indicated full approval on June 10 for rules for the Sequence IVB low-temperature valvetrain wear test.

Approvals Cease for P Industrial Lubes

The laboratory that provided testing and certification for P hydraulic fluid and gear oil specifications has ceased operations, signaling the possible start of a phase-out period for some of the industrys oldest active industrial lube standards.
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