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November 15, 2017

Volume 17 Issue 46

Bapco to Market Under New Neste Pact

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Neste and Bapco have entered a new commercial agreement enabling the Bahraini refiner to begin marketing base oils while securing Neste a sizeable share of API Group III base oils from their joint venture. read more

API SN Plus Advances

API is floating May 1, 2018, as a viable date to begin licensing engine oils that meet its proposed new “API SN PLUS” designation, which automakers say is urgently needed to protect their direct injected, turbocharged engines. read more

Engine Oil Demand Seen Rising in Africa

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As large as it is, Africa has long been overlooked by lubricant suppliers looking for fertile markets. But analysts and industry insiders contend that a variety of factors suggest that engine oil demand in many parts of the continent will grow for the foreseeable future. read more

Q3 Earnings Wrap-up

Valvoline reported increased operating income, Nynas posted an increase in sales and Cosan’s lubricant business segment reported higher net revenue, all for the quarter ending Sept. 30. read more

More U.S. Finished Lube Price Increases

Valvoline, Petro-Canada, Total and Fuchs notified U.S. customers about upcoming increases in finished lubricant prices, most citing the escalating costs of materials such as base oil. Valvoline will increase prices on branded lubricant products by up to 5 percent effective Dec. 1. Petro-Canada America Lubricants Inc. will impose hikes of 28 cents per gallon or 4 cents per pound on list prices for distributors and 32 cents per gallon for certain large customers effective Dec. 1. Total Specialities USA will raise prices up to 6 percent on most branded lubricant products effective Dec. 11. Fuchs Lubricants Co. plans to raise prices by 4 to 9 percent effective Dec. 15.