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Cosan Caps 2018 with Strong Fourth Quarter

Moove – Cosan’s lubricant production and distribution arm – capped off an auspicious run in 2018 with a strong fourth quarter, increasing revenue and keeping lubricant volumes steady amid lower demand.

Preferred Bidder Ditches Curacao Talks

Curacao’s Isla Refinery is taking a step back in its search for a new manager after its preferred bidder withdrew from negotiations, refinery officials said in a statement last Tuesday.

Asia Forecast to Raise PIB Demand

Polyisobutylene demand in Asia-Pacific currently lags behind North America and Europe, but is expected to take a big leap forward in the next decade, according to consultancy Kline & Co. Driven by growing additive demand and production capacity, Asia-Pacific will lead in PIB demand by 2028.

Researchers Make Base Oils from Non-food Plants

Researchers at a University of Delaware-partnered lab say they have discovered a way to create lubricant base oils from non-food biomass and fatty acids. The team, most of whom are affiliated with the school’s Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation, also claimed the new product could minimize the use of additives due to its customizable properties.

Global Marine Lube Demand Steady

Marine lubricant demand remained on its steady – if slightly declining – course in 2018, totaling an estimated 2.3 million tons, according to consultancy Kline & Co. The firm expects that number to remain stable in the coming years.

Sopremac Opens Algeria Blending Plant

Biskra, Algeria-based Sarl Sopremac opened a lube oil blending plant in Algeria that has already begun production of multigrade motor oils and industrial lubricants.

Isla Refinery Halts Search Amid Probe

Curacao’s government suspended its impending selection of a new operator for its Isla Refinery until a probe into corruption allegations regarding the selection is resolved, according to media reports.

Brenntag Acquires Reeder Distributors

Chemicals company Brenntag AG acquired the lubricants arm of Texas-based Reeder Distributors Inc., continuing to build its South Central United States distribution network through acquisitions.

Shepherd Chemical Expands Additives Facility

Shepherd Chemical Co., a producer of metal-based lubricant additives, announced a multi-million dollar expansion that could double capacity at its Mirecourt, France, manufacturing facility.

Philippines Taxes Lubes, Raw Materials

The Philippines’ Bureau of Customs implemented a second tranche of its Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law, taxing a number of products, including lubricating oils and greases, along with base stocks and lubricant additives.

WD-40 Income, Sales Increase

WD-40 Co. reported net income of $13.3 million for the quarter ending Nov. 30, a 5 percent increase from $12.6 million in the same period a year earlier.

Grease Industry Trending Toward Calcium

The grease industry’s use of calcium thickeners is on the rise, spurred by a search for alternatives to increasingly expensive lithium and performance advantages of thickener types such as calcium sulfonate.

Majors Losing Grip in Western South America

Major oil companies are loosening their grip on the western South American lubricants market, shifting their strategy and allowing regional players to seize more control, according to an industry insider.

Oil and Gas Rigs Help Drive U.S. Lube Demand

An increase in active oil and gas rigs will drive commercial and industrial lubricant demand growth in the United States over the next few years, according to a recent study.

Parkland Acquires Another U.S. Distributor

Parkland Fuel Corp. acquired Holbrook, Arizona-based Bradco Fuels and Lubricants, the companies announced last week. It was the third acquisition this year for Parkland, which is scaling up its business in the United States.