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Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan

Executive Editor

Tim Sullivan is managing editor of Lube Report Asia, responsible for developing and managing the content and production of the company’s latest publication. He joined LNG in 2000 as an assistant editor and subsequently helped launch Lube Report and Lubes’n’Greases Europe-Middle East-Africa. 

Before joining LNG, Sullivan was a reporter with the Northern Virginia Daily newspaper in Strasburg, Va., responsible for business and regional news coverage. He holds a BA degree from Hope College in Holland, Mich.

Recent Articles

Tianhe Reports Rough Waters

Tianhe Chemicals recently reported a 57 percent decline in gross profits from its lubricant additives segment for the first half of 2019, citing challenges ranging from declining demand for its products to difficulty meeting customer requirements.

Quick Uptake Forecast for GF-6

ILSAC GF-6 will be four years late by the time it comes to market next May, but it will take little time for the industry to embrace the passenger car motor oil specification, according to a leading lubricant additive company.

VLS Files Complaint Over Toyota Oil

A watchdog for Europe’s engine oil market has accused a British supplier of Toyota genuine oils of making false performance claims.

Deal Reached in Tractor Fluid Suit

A preliminary settlement has been reached in a second class action lawsuit in Missouri accusing a lubricant company and a store chain of fraud for the supply of 303 tractor hydraulic fluid.

Study Plugs Scrubbers for IMO 2020

A Norwegian research group recently stated that overall emissions of greenhouse gases would be lower if ships installed exhaust gas cleaning systems and continued to use heavy fuel oil than if they followed other routes to comply with looming IMO 2020.

FTC Tells Quaker Chem, Houghton to Divest

The United States Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that it will require Quaker Chemical and Houghton International to divest operations related to aluminum and steel rolling oils as a condition of their delayed merger.

Same Difference?

Food comes from plants, but that doesn’t mean biobased lubes are always fit for food processing.

Chevron to Make Group III for Neste

Chevron announced it has agreed for its Richmond, California, base oil plant to begin making API Group III oils that Finnish refiner Neste Corp. will market under its Nexbase brand name.

Tribologists Urged to Accelerate Innovation

Attendees at the annual meeting of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers heard a call to accelerate their pace of innovation. An official from a bearing manufacturer said the world needs solutions from the industry.

Chinese Auto Segment Grows Modestly

Overall lubricant production in China has flattened in recent years, but output of automotive lubes continues to expand, and imports are still swelling, as are sales by first- and second-tier suppliers, an official from one independent marketer told a recent industry conference.

Base Oils Surge in China

China is in the midst of what may be the biggest, fastest swell of base oil capacity the world has ever seen.

At STLE, Tribologists Hear Calling

Lubricant formulators, marketers and researchers gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, this week for the Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the Society of Tribologists and Engineers. The organization’s new president talked about challenges facing the industry and STLE.

Chinese Base Oils Mismatch Need

After more than a decade of steady investments, China has capacity to make more base oil than it consumes. But that capacity is a poor match for the mix of base oils that the country needs, leading to significant under-utilization, a consultant said at a recent industry conference in Suzhou.