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Richard Beercheck

Richard Beercheck

Managing Editor, Lubes'n'Greases EMEA (retiring 12/2017)

Richard Beercheck is managing editor of Lubes’n’Greases Europe-Middle East-Africa, responsible for editorial content and production of the magazine. He joined LNG as a full time senior editor in 2010, bringing in-depth experience both in lubricants and journalism.

Prior to LNG, Beercheck was marketing communications manager for Ferro Corp. for two years and for Lubrizol Corp. for 15 years. He also spent 18 years in various editorial positions at Machine Design magazine, a Penton publication. Beercheck holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Recent Articles

Marketing Matters

Richard Beercheck looks at the small but growing food-grade lubricants segment.

Quenching LSPI in Modern Engines

Low-speed pre-ignition can knock down even the fittest of modern engines. Research says calcium based additives may be responsible for the roughhousing.

Marketing Matters

Richard Beercheck highlights the opportunities for industrial lubricants.

Last Word

Richard Beercheck powers up a few words about turbine lubrication.

Editor's Letter

I am pleased to welcome Simon Johns to the staff of Lubes’n’Greases EMEA. A highly talented and experienced editor, Simon joined us in September and is swiftly acclimating himself to the lubricants industry.

Editor's Letter

Global lubricant demand is expected to increase at a compound annual rate of less than 1 percent through 2021, according to a study from consultancy Kline & Co.

The Lubricant’s Role in LSPI

Today’s direct-injection, turbocharged engines deliver higher power density and improved efficiency; however, they are also susceptible to low speed preignition. The lubricant plays an important role in preventing this condition.

What Lube Industry Professionals Earn

Lubes’n’Greases EMEA asked sales/marketing professionals and laboratory/R&D managers in the Eurozone about their annual compensation. We’ve analyzed the results of this first-ever survey by experience, company size, geographic location and other important factors.

Publisher's Letter

Dick Beercheck congratulates Chevron Oronite on the celebration of its 100th Anniversary in New Orleans, Louisiana. The July issue of EMEA will be a Readex ad survey issue.

Everyone's Business

Dick Beercheck explains why your particle counts may be suddenly higher.

Iran’s Potential Fascinates Lube Industry

Ever since the easing of international sanctions on Iran, experts have speculated about the role the country will play in oil markets. Iran boasts the largest population in the Middle East, has a diversified economy and holds great promise as a global trade hub.

Time to Retire the Grease Penetration Test?

Grease consistency has long been measured in the penetration test to determine its hardness number. However, greases with the same hardness number often have noticeably different physical properties and performance in the field. Researchers from Lubrication Engineers examine alternative tests that could provide a better way to characterize greases.

Last Word

Dick Beercheck investigates toothpaste tribology.