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Lisa Tocci

Lisa Tocci

Director, Editorial Projects

Lisa Tocci is a cofounder of LNG Publishing Co. Prior to her retirement in 2018, she lead LNG's editorial department and directed the content, design, and production of Lubes'n'Greases magazine. She also served on the Board of Directors of the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI).

Tocci holds a BA from the University of Maryland. She began her journalism career in 1981 at The Oil Daily newspaper, where she specialized in covering downstream petroleum sectors including the global lubricants industry. She further honed her editorial skills at The Montgomery (Md.) Journal newspaper and the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association, prior to launching Lubes’n’Greases in 1995. 

Recent Articles

Taming an Unruly Test

A critical test for wheel-bearing greases has been returning wildly inconsistent results for decades. Could it soon be brought to heel?

Sales Managers: Hot Property

Lubricant sales and marketing managers can count themselves among the best-paid professionals in the United States, according to a recent survey by Lubes’n’Greases magazine. Over 200 sales and marketing managers responded to the publication’s exclusive 2018 Lubricants Industry Salary Survey, and they reported taking home an average $150,429 a year – 7 percent more than the $140,413 shown in its 2016 survey.

Sales Managers: Hot Property

Good sales and marketing employees are as coveted as the dollars they bring in. Lube companies are working hard to keep them happy.

U.S. Base Oils Riding High

Racing headlong from January through June unhindered by major turnarounds, U.S. refiners set a new record for first-half base oil production.

Dos and Don’ts of Emulsifying Coolant

Trying to mix oil and water into a stable emulsion can leave metalworking operators feeling frustrated. Success depends on using the right technique.

More Supply Looms for Base Oils

Europe, Middle East and Africa together consume 25 percent of the world’s finished lubricants, yet the region packs on more weight when it comes to base oil supply. It is home to 17.4 million metric tons a year of mineral base oil refining capacity – 30 percent of the global supply – with more coming soon, research from Lubes’n’Greases shows.

U.S. Tops in Base Oil Supply

Does the global lubricants industry really need 1.12 million barrels a day of mineral base oil manufacturing capacity? Because that’s how much it has, finds an annual tally from Lubes’n’Greases. The United States controls 23 percent of this supply, the most for any single country.

Synthetics Generate a Buzz

All lubricants need a strong backbone, but do yours require something beyond mineral base oils? Luckily, the next wave of man-made chemistries is charging into view.

Asia Flexes its Base Oil Muscle

Global base oil refining capacity has climbed above 57 million metric tons a year, according to the new “2018 Global Guide to Base Oil Refining” from Lubes’n’Greases . Asia-Pacific controls 42 percent of this supply and has more on the way.

Engine Sludge Remains Prevalent in Africa

Engine sludge remains a common problem in Africa because of lubricant oxidation, soot contamination and water in engines, often exacerbated by poor maintenance and usage of obsolete engine oils, a Total Cameroon official said at a tribology conference last week.

New Vehicles, New Challenges

EVs and hybrids aren’t the only new technologies chasing down internal combustion engines. CNG and other alternative powertrains are close behind, each with unique lubrication needs.

Minimizing Load-Dependent Gear Losses

Gears are the essential part of many machines, from watermills to next-generation electric vehicle motors. However, these often simple devices have inherent inefficiencies that lubes can help address.

WEC: Killer at Large

A ruthless and unpredictable type of rolling contact fatigue is slaying bearings before their time, but lubricant detectives are hot on its heels.

STLE Honors Ted Selby

Ted Selby, a lubricant testing pioneer whose inventions are used worldwide to unlock the secrets of oil rheology, oxidation, deposits and more, next month will receive STLE’s highest technical honor, the International Award. The accolade will come during the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers’ annual meeting, which expects to draw some 1,600 delegates to Minneapolis, May 20-24.

Wax Takes a Shine to Metalworking

Though wax usually brings to mind candles and shoe polish, one additive maker says it deserves a place of honor in metalworking fluids.