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Kiara Candelaria

Kiara Candelaria

Assistant Editor, Lubes'n'Greases magazine

Kiara joined LNG Publishing in November 2015. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras with a BA in Information and Journalism. During her undergraduate studies, she wrote and was assistant editor for the digital newspaper of a journalism students association, and later worked for the University of Puerto Rico’s official newspaper, “Diálogo”. Kiara also handled written communications as an intern at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. As an editorial assistant, Kiara worked with the editorial team for Lube Report and Lube Report Asia; currently, she is assistant editor for Lubes’n’Greases magazine.

Recent Articles

Replenishing the Ranks

Ask a high school senior or soon-to-be college graduate about the career they intend to pursue, and it’s likely that lubricant manufacturing will not be at the top of the list. Faced with an aging workforce and a potential skills shortage, some companies have taken the initiative to make lube production an attractive profession for young workers.

Shifts for Wet Clutch Fluids

As the world slowly pulls away from traditional stepped transmissions, ATF formulators are shifting more focus to fluids for wet clutch systems.

Replenishing the Ranks

Faced with an aging workforce and a potential skills shortage, some companies aim to make lube production more attractive to young workers.

Downsizing Additives

Ongoing research examines how tiny polymer beads can produce big performance benefits throughout a lubricant’s service life.

Mexico Demands Quality

With new national lube standards on the books and the latest trade agreement in place, the country is pushing toward better oils.

Betting on Biobased Additives

Bio-derived base stocks aren’t the only way to go green. Researchers are upping the environmental ante with additives, too.

Technical Managers Formulate High Pay

Research and development and technical managers pave the way for better formulations and can expect to be rewarded accordingly, at least for the 64 respondents who offered a glimpse into their compensation to the 2018 Lubes’n’Greases Lubricants Industry Salary Survey.

Mexico Ups Motor Oil Standards

Starting next year, passenger car and heavy-duty diesel engine oils sold in Mexico will be required to meet standards that minimize oil degradation, reduce emissions and increase drain intervals. The certification comes at a time when the Latin American country aims to keep unprofessional players off the market.

Researchers Develop High Pay

R&D and technical managers pave the way for better formulations and can expect to be rewarded accordingly.

Finding Alternatives to ZDDP

Tightening phosphorus limits are putting the squeeze on the tried and true antiwear additive. Could ionic liquids help fill the gap?

Hefty Paychecks for Plant Managers

Plant managers at lube manufacturing plants and distribution facilities are compensated handsomely for overseeing a complex operation day in and day out, gauging from the 75 respondents who provided anonymous insights to the Lubes’n’Greases 2018 Lubricants Industry Salary Survey.

Plant Managers Blend Strong Gains

The 2018 Lubricants Industry Salary Survey showed higher salaries for lube plant managers. Plus, a peek at how CEO pay compares to the average lube company worker.

Unearthing Efficiency

Higher pressures and loads on construction equipment have hydraulic fluid formulators digging for something more than high V.I. to uncover better efficiency.

Reshaping Landfill Gas Engine Oils

As policies encouraging lower emissions and higher-efficiency equipment influence the types of fuels used to meet rising energy demand, methane and other waste gases in municipal landfills can be harnessed to generate electricity, which could increase demand for gas piston engines and, by extension, gas engine oil additives.