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Katie Kellenberger

Editorial Assistant


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Katie joined LNG Publishing in December 2016 as an Editorial Assistant to Lube Report and Lube Report Asia. In May 2016, she received a B.A. in Sociology and a B.A. in Political Science from the College of William and Mary, where she wrote for the school newspaper and for a nonpartisan online publication in addition to running public relations for her a capella group and social media as an intern for the Human Performance Resource Center. 

Recent Articles

Drum Prices Normalize After Steel Tariffs

Tariffs imposed on lubricants and lubricant additives traded between the United States and China have made an obvious impact on the markets in both countries, but the U.S. industry has also been affected by levies that Washington, D.C. imposed on steel imports.

AKR Establishes Lubricant Subsidiary

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk., an Indonesian supplier of petroleum products and chemicals, established a subsidiary last week to focus on the trading and distribution of lubricants.

RelaDyne Extends Reach Again

Lubricant distributor RelaDyne closed on the acquisitions of Mansura, Louisiana-based Rachel Oil Co. and Columbus, Mississippi-based Dutch Lubricants, further extending the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company’s reach into the Gulf Coast and Southeast regions of the United States. Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

BP’s Lube Earnings Fall

BP’s lubricant business profits decreased 20 percent to $311 million in the fourth quarter, down from $375 million during the year-earlier period.

Europe Still Skeptical of Industry 4.0

A large majority of European manufacturers – but not those in Russia – are adopting some form of Industry 4.0 technology, yet many believe these technologies will increase both up-front and ongoing maintenance costs, according to a study by Shell.

Heavy Trucks to Boost China’s HDMO Demand

China’s demand for heavy-duty motor oils for trucks is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 0.6 percent through 2022, thanks primarily to an anticipated boost in the country’s heavy truck population, according to a new study by Kline & Co.

U.S. Distributors Trend Towards Consolidation

Pugh Lubricants, Apollo Oil, Veterans Oil and Halco Lubricants, which identify themselves as a single lubricant and fuel distributor, announced two acquisitions this month. Apparently the trend of consolidation in the distributor segment is alive and well.

Manufacturers Lukewarm on 4.0

A majority of manufacturers in the United States are adopting some Industry 4.0 technologies, although many are still skeptical that the benefits of adopting the new technologies will outweigh the costs, according to a Shell Lubricants survey.

BASF Expands Antioxidants Capacity

BASF increased lubricant antioxidant capacity at its Puebla, Mexico, site to keep up with growing demand for additives that lengthen the life of lubricants, the company announced last week. The new capacity of the facility was not disclosed, but the company did say production began last quarter.

BASF Adds Antioxidant Supply in China

Feiya Chemical Co. has opened a factory in China’s Jiangsu province to produce lubricant antioxidants on behalf of BASF. The plant was built under a technology licensing and manufacturing agreement aimed at helping BASF to meet growing demand in the local market.

Thai Firms Team to Recycle Containers

Bangchak Corp. and SCG Chemical Co. signed a memorandum of understanding last month to develop a lubricant packaging recycling scheme in Thailand.

Shell Completes LAO Expansion

Shell Chemical LP completed an expansion that increased linear alpha olefin capacity at its Geismar, Louisiana, petrochemical refinery by 425,000 metric tons per year, the company announced Monday. The new unit began production last month.

Renewable Lubricants Enters Canada

Renewable Lubricants Inc. has entered Canada through the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary based in Ontario. The subsidiary will service the country’s emerging biobased lubricants market.

Chevron Completes Vietnam Expansion

Chevron Lubricants Vietnam has completed the expansion of its Hai Phong, Vietnam, blending plant, a $5 million project that more than doubles the facility’s previous capacity. The company did not disclose the plant’s new capacity.

Antioxidants Enjoy U.S. Growth

Demand for lubricant antioxidants in the United States is expected to grow 1.5 percent per year to 194.9 million pounds by 2022, according to a study recently published by The Freedonia Group. Last year domestic demand for antioxidants in lubricant applications was roughly 180 million pounds.