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Caitlin Jacobs

Caitlin Jacobs

Managing Editor, Lubes'n'Greases magazine

Caitlin Jacobs joined LNG in August 2015 as assistant editor for LubesíníGreases magazine and became managing editor in September 2016. An experienced writer and editor, she holds a communications degree from Elon University in North Carolina and a masterís in applied linguistics from University College Cork, Ireland.

Jacobs began her career as a one-woman communications department at a Capitol Hill nonprofit. From there, she taught English and worked on the nationally-known Gwangju News magazine in South Korea, pursued her graduate degree in Ireland, and returned to Washington, D.C. as a communications consultant. Prior to joining LNG, she was an editor and communications professional at an aviation industry trade association.

Recent Articles

Charting Success in the Chinese Market

In a country where effective marketing techniques are already significantly different from those in the West, Chinaís lubricants market is poised for even more change in the near future, attendees heard during an industry conference held in London last month.

EVs to Shape China PCMOs ... Eventually

Together with the United States, China will shape the passenger car motor oil market through 2040, said George Morvey of consultancy Kline & Co., speaking at an industry conference in London last month. The countryís emphasis on electric vehicles will play a major role during the latter part of the forecast.

Companies Urged to Stay on Top of Sanctions

Government application of economic sanctions is on the rise, and that can create complications during an age of global trade. Companies in a wide range of industries Ė including base oils and finished lubricants Ė need to keep abreast of both financial and trade sanctions and account for them in their operations and business planning, according to speakers at a conference in London last week.

Group II Steps on the Gas

The shift to API Group II base oils is about to kick into high gear as new capacity comes online and Marpol 2020 alters refining margins.

A Brighter Future for Spec Development

An industry group organized by the American Petroleum Institute is making headway on recommendations to improve the engine oil specification development process, APIís Kevin Ferrick told Lube Report.

Transparency Sought for Tractor Fluids

Lubricant suppliers and regulators may debate the merits of 303 tractor hydraulic fluids, but speakers at a recent industry conference agreed that the market needs greater transparency about product performance.

Quality Lubes Find Fair Winds

Wind turbine operators are demanding better guidance for lubricants, with costly consequences for those that choose the wrong products.

Formulating for Fuel Economy

While lightening up SAE viscosity can trim fuel consumption, eventually efficiency hits a plateau. A diet of low HTHS viscosity and the right additives may help reach the next goal.

Grease Production Shifts in Asia

Grease production in China remained steady in 2017 while Japanís output grew and India shifted toward higher quality, according to the National Lubricating Grease Instituteís yearly survey, which was presented during the organizationís annual meeting earlier this week.

Searching for Solid Performance in Space

Lubricants arenít only essential for smooth running here on Earth. Machinery that leaves terra firma must also be lubricated under vastly different conditions.

Group Design: Solution to Fuel Economy

Group design, a holistic approach or a team effort Ė however itís described, the key to achieving the next set of automotive fuel economy goals is working together across disciplines and companies, said several industry experts at a gathering in Philadelphia last week.

A Cooler Clean

Metal parts producers are demanding greater efficiency, and cleaning solutions have not escaped scrutiny. Formulators aim to help save energy by removing metalworking fluid residue at lower temperatures.

New Turbos Spur TEOST Overhaul

Decades of dramatic changes in turbochargers and engine oils have overwhelmed the TEOST 33C bench test. Savantís update will revive this important tool for formulators and OEMs.