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Issue 97: July 2017 Lubes'n'Greases EMEA Magazine


Kenya’s Automakers May Drive Shift to Group II

The opening of new auto plants in Kenya means more modern vehicles on the road that will require higher quality oils. Observers anticipate this could influence a shift to lubricants formulated with API Group II or synthetic base oils.

Europe and India – Different Markets, Different Strategies

Not all lubricant companies have the scale to operate in two such diametrically opposed markets. The choice of a mature region like Europe or a fast growing economy such as India is as much about a companyís vision and core capabilities than anything else.

Formulating Water-Resistant Grease

Water in lubricating greases has been a concern for more than a century. Recent research shows that calcium sulfonate greases can be an answer to water issues for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Clearing the Air on MOSH & MOAH

Recently, concerns haves been voiced about mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons in food-grade lubricants. But extensive research and testing shows these components pose no risk to users or the general public.

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