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September 20, 2017

Volume 17 Issue 38

U.S. Base Oil Price Report

The floods caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma along the U.S Gulf Coast and surrounding areas may have started to recede, but recovery efforts were expected to continue for several months, if not years. Similarly, the effects of the storms on the base oils industry were likely to be long-lasting, although not to the same magnitude.Last week, Motiva was...

EMEA Base Oil Price Report

Base oil prices firmed in some European, Middle Eastern and African markets the past month, especially in the API Group I and II segments, partly due to rising crude oil costs but also because of regional factors.Feedstocks such as vacuum gas oil climbed higher this week due to a lack of production from a number of United States Gulf...

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Trade out of the U.S. Gulf picked up this week, but there is still much to be established, both in terms of imports and exports. Europe has been marginally busier, while Asian activity may just have peaked in the last day or two.U.S. GulfA number of force majeure declarations remain in force among U.S. producers, but it would seem...

API Group Continues to Pursue SN PLUS

At its Standards meeting last week in Dearborn, Michigan, the American Petroleum Institutes Lubricants Group again took up the feasibility of issuing a supplemental engine oil category, as urged by 10 North American and Japanese automakers. Likely to be called API SN PLUS, the proposed category would meet all requirements for current APISNoils and add a new test to...

U.S. Base Oils Made Gains Abroad

Base oil production at U.S. refineries amounted to nearly 30.8 million barrels in first-half 2017, according to data released Aug. 31 by the federal Energy Information Administration. Thats an increase of 5.6 percent over the 29.1 million barrels produced January-to-June 2016.This years first-half total included 25.8 million barrels of paraffinic base oil plus 4.9 million of naphthenic base oil....

Regulatory Impacts Loom for Industrial Lubes

CHICAGO- Political, environmental and regulatory issues are working together to shape the industrial lubricants landscape near- to mid-term, according to a presentation given by Kline and Co. at the ICIS North American Industrial Lubricants conference held here. Factors such as Marpol anti-pollution mandates, chlorinated paraffins and lawsuits aimed at reforming the way businesses and governments address climate change are...

Fast Lubes Get Larger Tickets, More Oil Changes

United States quick lubes average ticket totals reached $76.46, up 7.1 percent, and the average number of oil changes per day rose to 34, up about 7 percent from the year before, National Oil & Lube News reported in the first part of its 2017 Fast Lube Operators Survey.Published in three parts - in its September, and in upcoming...

Briefly Noted

CRC Industries Inc. of Warminster, Pennsylvania, acquired Detroit-based Weld-Aid Products, a manufacturer and marketer of maintenance chemicals - including lubrication products - serving the welding and metalworking business segments.
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