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Suppliers Sued Over 303 Tractor Fluids

Two Missouri residents petitioned to file a class action lawsuit against Smittys Supply Inc. and Tractor Supply Co., claiming yellow buckets of Smittys Super S Supertrac 303 tractor hydraulic fluid purchased from both companies failed to meet advertised specifications and performance claims.

Warren Distribution Adds Plant in Houston

Warren Distribution completed and commissioned its fourth blending plant, located in Houston, with initial blending capacity of 8 million gallons, which can be scaled up to 20 million gallons with additional infrastructure investment.The private label blender cited Texas' explosive growth in business and population as a key factor.

Coronavirus Ravages Refinery Runs

The Covid-19 outbreak is proving to be the most disruptive event for the base oils and refining industry since the Great Recession of 2008, causing refiners to cut back on production or temporarily shutter operations altogether, sources tell Lube Report.

Huntsman Sells Surfactants Business

Indorama Ventures acquired Huntsman Corp.s chemical intermediates and surfactants businesses for $2 billion, the companies announced last week. A number of products included in the acquisition can be used to make lubricants and metalworking fluid additives.

HollyFrontier to Acquire Sonneborn

A HollyFrontier subsidiary will acquire Sonneborn from private equity firm One Equity Partners for $655 million cash under an agreement announced yesterday. HollyFrontier officials said the addition of Sonneborns specialty products is another step in diversifying its product mix with a shift toward finished products.

New Vehicles Reshape Latin Americas Market

Many of the automotive engine oil trends that are swaying markets globally - the drive for greater fuel economy, extended service life and durability, and rapid advancements in engine design - are also influencing the Latin American lubricants market, according to several presenters at the ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference last month.

API Unveils New Logo for SAE 0W-16

The North American auto industry now has a formal schedule for commercial introduction of the next passenger car motor oil standards and a new certification mark - a shield - for low viscosity SAE 0W-16 products.

Lubricants Group Ballots SN Plus

The American Petroleum Institutes Lubricants Group closed its ballot on SN Plus Dec. 29, with a healthy majority voting to adopt the supplemental category, industry insiders confirmed.

SN Plus Date Still Up in the Air

The American Petroleum Institutes Lubricants Standards Group formally adopted API SN Plus last week but still has not set a date for first licensing. The group - along with automakers - would like that date to be May 1, but a schedule has been held up by testing related to base oil interchange and read-across rules for one of the tests in the supplemental oil category.

Brazilian Market Bouncing Back

After several years of decline, Brazil's lubricant industry is showing signs of reviving, according to speakers at an industry conference in Rio de Janeiro last week. Sales from January through April increased 5.9 percent year over year, and demand is forecast to rise an average of 2 percent annually for the next four years.
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