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April 26, 2017

Volume 17 Issue 52

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ATIEL Launches New Compliance Policy

ATIEL, the European lubricant industry’s technical association, released a new compliance policy to support lubricant marketers that make valid performance claims against ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) Oil Sequences, for which compliance with the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System is required.

The policy seeks to encourage greater compliance across the industry through continuous monitoring of automotive engine lubricant quality in the market and the exchange of information and technical data to support education of lubricant marketers. It also provides a framework for marketers – who are responsible for all aspects of product liability – to take corrective action when addressing non-compliance issues. This includes procedures for ATIEL to give feedback and advice to marketers or to take action against them, depending on the non-compliance severity.

The new policy applies only to engine oils that claim to meet the requirements of the ACEA Oil Sequences, ATIEL noted, but the principles apply equally to other defined technical standards.

Ongoing lubricant quality surveys conducted by ATIEL, through an independent laboratory and methodology, are used to determine a lubricant product’s compliance with the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System and the validity of a performance claim.

The full compliance policy is available for download on ATIEL’s website.