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July 6, 2016

Volume 17 Issue 52

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Chem-Trend to Expand European HQ

The expansion of lube manufacturer Chem-Trend’s European headquarters near Munich will provide facilities and logistics functions for it and fellow Freudenberg Chemical Specialties business units Klueber Lubrication Munich and OKS Specialty Lubricants.

Chem-Trend and FCS recently broke ground for construction and expansion of Chem-Trend’s facilities outside Munich in Germany.

Chem-Trend’s European headquarters, already located at the site in the Maisach Gernlinden area, will expand as part of the project to create a $45 million complex. When completed, the development will feature a newly created European logistics center for the three companies, as well as a laboratory and testing facilities with additional office space and onsite storage capabilities for Chem-Trend.

“The central warehouse will consolidate certain logistics functions being distributed over various facilities, [such as] finished goods storage and shipment, and will also consolidate small package filling,” Freudenberg Chemical Specialties spokesman Christian Zins told Lube Report.

The complex – which will collectively house about 120 employees – will include 16,600 square meters of space for the logistics center, small container filling unit and administrative area. Another 2,700 square meters will be dedicated to laboratories, a technology center and additional offices. Further space will be reserved for storage areas, offices and technical systems. Construction is expected to be complete in late 2017.

Freudenberg Chemical Specialties CEO Hanno Wentzler said the new logistics center will help remove limitations. “Over the past few years, the infrastructure at our sites in the Munich region and the facilities of some of our regional entities have increasingly restricted our activities,” Wentzler said in a news release. “We can now eliminate these bottlenecks and further improve our ability to meet the needs of our customers in the years ahead.”

The companies said the groundwork for the expansion was laid in 2007 when Freudenberg acquired commercial property in the immediate vicinity of the existing Chem-Trend and OKS facilities in Maisach. “With this development, our companies located there will have the space they need for production and expansion in line with their requirements,” said Wentzler. “Our customers will also benefit from short delivery times as a result of the very good connections to national and international freight transport routes.”

Chem-Trend develops and produces mold release agents and casting lubricants. Munich, Germany-based Klueber Lubrication offers approximately 2,000 different specialty lubricants for components and industries, many of them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. OKS Specialty Lubricants serves the industrial maintenance market with products such as lubricating oils, greases and dry lubricants. FCS is a member of the Freudenberg Group.