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November 20, 2013

Volume 17 Issue 52

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Savant Group Ups its Ops

The Savant Group broke ground last week on a $3 million project to expand manufacturing, laboratory and training operations at its headquarters in Midland, Mich., by spring 2014.
The consortium – made up of Savant Labs, Tannas Co., King Refrigeration, and Institute of Materials – conducts analysis, testing and education on lubricants, fuels and related chemicals. The addition will include a technical training facility, expanded customer service area, and additional labs and manufacturing grounds that will focus on developing bench-top instruments for testing fluids, the company said in a press release last week. After construction of the 11,000 square foot addition, the Midland facility’s total size will be 27,000 square feet, and the company has hired 23 new employees in the past year, according to an Oct. 16 letter from Savant to the Midland city council and mayor.
“Our in-depth approach to testing and understanding of lubricant applications has helped solve critical industry problems,” said Ted Selby, Savant Group founder and vice president of technical development. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to be an active, eager partner with researchers, producers, and original equipment manufacturers.”
The company has exceeded growth targets and experienced a 40 percent growth in personnel over the past year, Savant Group’s president Rebecca Cox noted.
Savant Group was established in 1969, and includes Savant Labs, a research laboratory which tests oils, greases and lubricants; Tannas Co., which develops and manufacturers lab instrumentation; King Refrigeration, a manufacturer of low-temperature lab instruments; and Institute of Materials, which publishes a global compilation of engine oil test data. Savant Groups has operations in 52 countries.