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May 28, 2019

Volume 2 Issue 22

Russian Lube Demand on Downward Path

Russian finished lubricants demand was sluggish over the past few years because of an economic recession in the country, and consumption has not returned to 2014 levels yet, a consultancy found. read more

Gauging Lube Impacts of New Marine Fuels

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Seventy-two percent of vessels are projected to use very-low-sulfur fuel oil after the International Maritime Organization’s IMO 2020 regulation goes into effect next year, a marine lubricant supplier said recently, and the shipping industry’s shortage of experience using such fuels increases the level of uncertainty about implications for marine lubricants. read more

Briefly Noted

Eppco Lubricants will supply lubricants, coolants and greases for the United Arab Emirates operations of Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co., which distributes construction and commercial vehicles, under a recently signed three-year memorandum of understanding.  Anna Mascolo will take over from Anne Anderson on July 1 as vice president of Shell Aviation, and Anderson is moving to a senior leadership role in Shell’s chemicals business. Shell Aviation provides fuels, lubricants and services to aircraft.