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April 30, 2019

Volume 2 Issue 18

Headwinds Cloud Lubricant Outlook

Large potential disruptions loom on the horizon for the global lubricants industry from electric vehicles to shared mobility, evolution in metalworking processes and changes in the materials used to make products such as automobiles. Speakers at a recent conference in Dubai said they expect big changes that will yield winners and losers. read more

Nexcel Claims Benefits for Hybrids

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BPs Nexcel sealed-cell oil system initially launched in 2015 and then marketed primarily as a means for faster oil changes can work in tandem with hybrid drivetrains as a means to control carbon dioxide emissions, company officials said. read more

Briefly Noted

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. will sell its base oil toIndian Oil Corp. undera long-term sales agreement. Hamburg, Germany-based Krahn Chemie will expand its distribution to Austria of Lanxess biocides, antimicrobial agents and preservatives, including those used in the production of cooling lubricants.