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April 23, 2019

Volume 2 Issue 17

Turkey’s Market Weathers Tariffs

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Base oil imports to Turkey dropped sharply in recent years due to a government clampdown on previously widespread dodging of fuels taxes. The nation’s base oils and finished lubricants markets continue to chug along, according to one supplier, despite the implementation of hefty import tariffs. read more

UAE: The Trading Hub of Middle East

The United Arab Emirates remains a dominant trading hub for base oils and lubricants in the Middle East, thanks to its strategic geographic location, efficient shipment facilities and its logistics services, an industry expert said. read more

Lube Components from Human Waste?

The lubricants industry has a well-established practice of rerefining waste oils into base stocks that are used to make new lubes. Now a South African start-up company is leading an effort to make lubricants from human waste. read more

Briefly Noted

ExxonMobil donated over 1,000 liters of M2-V Aviation Hydraulic Fluid to Heritage Concorde, a preservation group which restores Concorde aircraft. The hydraulic fluid was used to operate the aircraft's "droop nose," which pilots lowered during takeoff and landing for improved visibility.  Petronas Lubricants International and Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Co. signed an agreement for the latter to distribute Petronas lubricants products throughout Oman.