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December 4, 2018

Volume 1 Issue 49

Internal Combustion Engines Called Enduring

For all of the hullabaloo about electric vehicles, the internal combustion engine – as well as the engine oils that they use – are not going anywhere anytime soon. Likewise, engine oils will continue to face requirements for innovation due to emerging technologies such as start-stop engines, other types of hybrids and increased power density of ICEs, according to an industry insider. read more

Tanzania Removes Duty on Kenyan Lubes

Tanzania waived its 25 percent duty last month on imported Kenyan lubricants. Some players in the Tanzanian and Kenyan lubricant markets said the move will bring about healthy competition; however, not all industry participants are confident it will benefit Tanzania’s domestic market. read more

Rotterdam Group II Plant Nears Opening

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ExxonMobil’s refinery in Rotterdam is on track to open Europe’s first large-scale API Group II base oil plant during the first quarter of 2019, officials said last week. read more

Briefly Noted

Total Marketing Middle East signed a distribution agreement with AW Rostamani Trading Co. The automotive company will distribute Total's branded lubricants in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.  Frankfurt, Germany-based specialty hydrocarbon supplier HCS Group acquired Trafolube GmbH, which recycles transformer and turbine oils.  Cologne, Germany-based Lanxess will restructure its distribution set-up for its lubricant additives products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa starting January 2019, appointing eight new distribution partners: Krahn Chemie Deutschland GmbH, Petrico Ltd., Pemco Additives AB, Trigueros Quimica S.L., Brenntag, FinExim OU, Addisol Endless Resources and InterActive SA.