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September 11, 2018

Volume 1 Issue 37

ExxonMobil Plans Base Oil Hub in Spain

ExxonMobil will open a new hub terminal in Valencia, Spain in the first quarter of 2019, the company announced last week in a press release, part of an effort to expand the company’s supply network. read more

Weak Ruble Benefits Russian Lube Exports

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Devaluation of the Russian ruble has helped boost base oil and finished lubricant exports from the country and is also helping shield against imports of the same products, according to industry insiders. read more

Lanxess Boosts Additive Production

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess is doubling its production of multifunctional dimercaptothiadiazole derivative lubricant additives by adding a production line to its Mannheim, Germany, facility, the company announced last week. read more

Briefly Noted

Total Marketing Qatar will continue to supply Total-branded lubricants to Qatar Automobiles Co. service centers after the two companies renewed a deal in July. Shell agreed to a new three-year deal with BMW to remain the car company’s only recommended supplier for aftermarket engine oils in the United Kingdom, the companies announced last week.