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September 19, 2017

Volume 4 Issue 38

Chinese Packager Helps Fight Fake Oils

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Like in many other industries, counterfeiting has also grown into a big problem in the lube market. Some companies enlist technology in the never-ending battle to foil those that attempt to disguise fake oils. read more

Marine Lubes Wave to Swell

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Two consultancies recently presented a wealth of evidence forecasting that continued growth in demand and revenue from marine lubricants is on the horizon and suggesting that suppliers may increasingly want to set sails toward the East. read more

Nynas Bullish on India

Nynas AG is upbeat about its growth in India, a local representative confirmed. The Swedish naphthenic base stock producer is looking to expand throughout the country by farming out more sales staff and establishing more depots. read more

Briefly Noted

Revenue from the sales of refrigeration oils, or fluids that absorb or release heat and provide lubrication to compressors, is set to grow at a compound yearly rate of 6 percent through 2025 in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Transparency Market Research.  A record 7 million used cars were sold in China last year, according to Feng Bin, a director of China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce. Many were sold from coastal regions to smaller cities in western provinces, where demand for aftercare services and products may pick up in coming years as a result.