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November 8, 2019

Volume 7 Issue 4

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Nicca Adds Fluorine Plant in South Korea

Nicca Chemical plans to re-enter the lubricant market with the completion of its new fluorine plant in South Korea, increasing its production capacity by 30 percent, the company told Lube Report.

“The reason for the expansion was due to an increase in demand for fluorinated water repellent for the textile industry but we plan to market the product to the lubricant additive market,” a company spokesman said.

Production will begin next April, and capacity will increase to 14,000 metric tons per year. Nicca invested ¥1.8 billion (U.S. $16.5 million) to build the new plant. The new five-story plant is located in Daegu, in southeastern South Korea. The expansion is part of the company’s plan to increase its new chemical business from ¥7.1 billion in 2016 to ¥20 billion in 2025.

In 2013, Nicca Chemical sold its die casting and hot forging lubricant business to Japan’s Moresco Corp., a manufacturer of industrial lubricants, and continued to supply lubricant components to Moresco. With the new plant, the company plans to supply fluorine to lubricant additives manufacturers. Headquartered in Fukui prefecture in eastern Japan, Nicca Chemical and Moresco are listed in the Tokyo stock exchange.

Nicca fluorine plant in Korea

Photo courtesy of Nicca Chemical

Nicca Chemical of Japan built a five-story fluorine production plant in Daegu, South Korea. The plant is scheduled to begin production next April, and the company will market the product to the lubricant additive market.