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Lube Report

Flint Hills to Exit Base Oil Marketing

Flint Hills Resources will cease marketing of base stocks produced at its Excel Paralubes joint venture, leaving partner Phillips 66 to market all of the output from the Westlake, Louisiana, plant, Phillips 66 told Lube Report yesterday.

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Most GF-6 Tests Shaping Up

The Sequence IVB may be attracting the lion's share of attention, but the ILSAC GF-6 engine oil upgrade has six other new or replacement engine tests that must be completed before the much-delayed specification can be adopted. For fuel economy, wear and more, the stakes remain high.

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API Previews SN Plus in Donut Symbol

ORLANDO, Fla. – Kevin Ferrick, senior manager of the American Petroleum Institute's Engine Oil Program, on Monday gave a preview here of how API "SN PLUS" engine oils may appear in the API donut logo on product labels. Speaking at the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association's annual meeting, he said the proposed supplement to API Service Category SN will be licensable when it is approved by the API Lubricants Group. SN Plus is intended to identify oils that meet API SN requirements and provide additional protection against low speed pre-ignition in turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines. Licensed marketers will be able to use the donut logos to help consumers identify these oils.

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EU Gives Leaded Alloys Another Reprieve

Suppliers of metal alloys and metal removal fluids can breathe a sigh of relief – for now. The European Commission took another step toward continuing current exemptions on lead levels in alloys of steel, aluminum and copper used in certain classes of electronic and electric products manufactured in the European Union, as well as imported products.

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ICIS Pan American Base Oils Conference
ICIS Pan American Base Oils Conference Attend the ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017, New Jersey, USA

French Lubes Maker to Acquire Renite

Condat agreed to acquire glass and metal forging lubes company Renite, the company announced earlier this month. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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ExxonMobil Expands Research Facility

ExxonMobil broke ground on the expansion of its Clinton, New Jersey research facility, the company announced Friday. The expansion, including a new facility for lubricant research and development, is set to be completed in 2019.

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Base Oil Reports

U.S. Base Oil Price Report

Following several increase initiatives and recent plant outages, the U.S. base oil business strove to resume its usual rhythm, but activity slowed down slightly on Oct. 13-17 as numerous participants convened at the 2017 ILMA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. –by Gabriela Wheeler

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EMEA Base Oil Price Report

Pricing is relatively stable, apart from a degree of uncertainty in API Group II markets in the wake of the U.S. Gulf Coast storms.–by Ray Masson

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SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

There has not been any great change to the markets in the U.S. and Asia this week, but Europe is considered to be a little slower.–by Adrian Brown

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