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Lubes’n’Greases Custom Content Marketing solutions allow companies to use content to communicate in-depth messages to our audience in the full range of Lubes’n’Greases publications.


If you want complete control over the content and timing of an article, then a bespoke ‘Custom Content article’ allows you to do this.

Lubes’n’Greases also produces special ‘Spotlight features’ that focus on a particular topic and include separate custom content from suppliers who want to promote their products or services, relevant to that topic.

For all types of Custom Content articles you will own the copyright to your content and can therefore use it on your own website or any other media you desire.

  • Lubes’n’Greases will supply a journalist to write the article, but you approve the copy.
  • Lubes’n’Greases will design and layout the article as part of the publication.
  • Lubes’n’Greases editors have final approval for publication to ensure levels of quality and reader relevance are met.

Each ‘Custom Content’ is priced on application depending on the number of pages, which publications it will appear in and how the content is created.


‘Ask the Expert’ is a sponsored Q&A that is hosted for one calendar month on Companies can sponsor ‘Ask the Expert’ by providing an expert to answer questions on a particular topic. This allows you to:

  • Engage with the global Lubes’n’Greases audience.
  • Present your company as a thought leader.
  • Find out what the market is thinking about your topic of choice.


If you have a White Paper or Webinar that you want to promote, we can deliver it on our website. The package will include promotion to the Lubes’n’Greases audience to ensure anyone in the market interested in the subject of your content has the opportunity to view it.


If you have submitted information about a new product to be published then you have the opportunity to enhance its visibility on the Lubes’n’Greases website.

With a variety of custom content marketing options, Lubes’n’Greases has the audience and vehicle to meet your needs.