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Volume 21, Issue 4: April 2015 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine


Ryder Sees the Light

The $6.6 billion truck leasing, logistics and maintenance company has switched its 200,000-plus trucks to lightweight SAE 10W-30 engine oil. Here's why.

The Volume-Value Question

Are lubricants actually "the golden nugget" of the downstream petroleum industry? Despite flat volume growth, gross margins continue to glitter.

Rosneft: Russias Work-in-Progress

The Kremlin-backed state oil company -- Russia's second-largest lubricants marketer -- opens up about its goals at home and abroad.

Time to Rethink Bright Stock

Supplies of this unique blending component are unlikely to grow, but with proper stewardship, experts say the outlook need not be dim.

Flexitanks Catch a Rising Tide

Global trading in base oils and lubricants is helping propel demand for this cost-saving shipping option, despite some unease about the risks.

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