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Issue 85: July 2016 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine
Europe, Middle East and Africa


Adapting to Changing Global Demographics

A paradigm shift is taking place in terms of demand patterns. The critical issue is that for the first time in history, demand growth in most countries is being driven by the needs of a lower-earning, lower-spending generation of people over 55 years old.

Opportunities and Challenges in India

The Indian lubricants industry is on the verge of some major changes that could significantly alter the face of the business. As in other regions of the world, these demands will require improved lubricants based on higher quality base oils.

Key Factors in Marine Lube Development

Major changes are underway for marine trunk piston engine oils that present significant technical challenges for lube developers. Meeting the needs of the changing market requires new additive and formulating technology that meets the most demanding performance requirements.

UAE Vies to Be Synthetics Hub

The United Arab Emirates could soon solidify its position as the leading synthetic base oil blending location. One industry expert contends this is due to the fact that the country’s experience and regulatory environment set it apart from its neighbors.

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