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Poll: Many Russians Ignore Oil Guidance

A survey of Russian motorists indicates that a large proportion of them are not following original equipment manufacturers recommendations for viscosity grades and motor oil types when getting their passenger cars oil changed.

Renewed Sanctions Loom Over Iran Base Oils

Irans API Group I base oil exports face renewed pressure as the United States lobbies key allies to cease all imports of Iranian oil ahead of a Nov. 4 deadline for U.S. sanctions to be reinstated.

Slow Growth for Russian Motor Oil Demand

Russias economy is forecast to continue slowly growing, and that should be enough to spur motor oil demand to increase at a compound annual rate of 1.6 percent through 2023, according to a market research firm.

Middle East May Shift to Better Lubes Faster

More than 26 million new light vehicles will enter the Middle East vehicle parc between now and 2023, and that could speed the shift to higher quality lubricants in the region, an additive supplier predicts.

Middle East Slowly Shifts to Better Motor Oils

The Middle East is transitioning to higher quality lubricants but at a slower pace than previously thought as recent research found monogrades and high-viscosity motor oils continuing to dominate heavy- and light-duty markets.

Base Oil Investments Outstrip Demand

Lubricant demand has been essentially flat over the past 25 years, yet millions of tons of new annual base oil capacity has come to market since the year 2000. The rate of additions has far out-paced plant closings, creating surpluses that have ramped up competition and put some base oil suppliers in a precarious position, an analyst explained at an industry event in London.

Headwinds Cloud Lubricant Outlook

Large potential disruptions loom on the horizon for the global lubricants industry - from electric vehicles to shared mobility, evolution in metalworking processes and changes in the materials used to make products such as automobiles. Speakers at a recent conference in Dubai said they expect big changes that will yield winners and losers.

Lube Services Gain Traction in Africa Mines

Several trends in Africas mining industry - including a skills shortage, environmental issues and contracting practices - are causing mining companies to procure lubrication services such as taking of lube samples for monitoring, a Shell official told a recent conference.

Turkeys Market Weathers Tariffs

Base oil imports to Turkey dropped sharply in recent years due to a government clampdown on previously widespread dodging of fuels taxes. The nations base oils and finished lubricants markets continue to chug along, according to one supplier, despite the implementation of hefty import tariffs.

Group II Takes Hold in Europe

API Group II base stocks have carved a place for themselves in Europe during the past decade, and an Infineum official noted recently that several new suppliers are now entering the market.
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