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Wuerth Group Acquires Liqui Moly

German lubricant marketer Liqui Moly announced last week that it had been acquired by Adolf Wuerth GmbH & Co. in a deal intended to ensure stability for Liqui Molys future.

Iranian Exports Between Sanctions

When the United States reinstates sanctions on Irans oil industry in November, close to U.S. $47 billion of exports are likely to be hit hard. Gauging the impact on future base oil shipments has been difficult because of a dearth of accurate data, but a recent conference presentation by one refiner depicts the Islamic Republics base stock business as a major source of export revenues.

Q8 to Toll Blend for Gazpromneft-Lubricants

Russias Gazpromneft-Lubricants signed a lubricant toll blending agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Internationals Q8 Oil to increase its production volumes and presence in Europe.

Poll: Many Russians Ignore Oil Guidance

A survey of Russian motorists indicates that a large proportion of them are not following original equipment manufacturers recommendations for viscosity grades and motor oil types when getting their passenger cars oil changed.

ACEA 2018 Adoption Delayed by ILSAC Tests

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association has delayed approval of its ACEA 2018 engine oil sequences because of work that still needs to be done on engine tests developed by the groups counterparts in North America.

Anti-import Policy Aids Russian Marketers

In 2014, confronted with economic sanctions imposed by Western nations, Russias government adopted a policy that encouraged Russian companies to replace imports with products made domestically. Four years later, analysts say the policy has helped domestic lubricant producers gain market share at the expense of importers.

EVs Need Different Lubes

The number of hybrid electric and electrically chargeable vehicles is on the rise, particularly in the European Union, and this should begin to affect lubricant technology, an official from an additive supplier told an industry conference last week in Stuttgart, Germany.

Europe Tackles Read-Across, Interchange

Europes lubricant industry has fallen far behind in the development of base oil interchange and viscosity grade read-across guidelines but is now working to develop rules so oil companies can better cope with growing market complexity.

Middle East Slowly Shifts to Better Motor Oils

The Middle East is transitioning to higher quality lubricants but at a slower pace than previously thought as recent research found monogrades and high-viscosity motor oils continuing to dominate heavy- and light-duty markets.

Fuchs Buys Glass Container Lubes Maker

Mannheim, Germany-based Fuchs Petrolub SE acquired Belgian glass container lubricants manufacturer VDV Lubricants to expand its product offering in the sector.
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