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New Spec Impacts Base Oil Quality Demands

Japans introduction of an ultra-low viscosity passenger car motor oil specification, GLV-1, in October will drive demand for base oils with a higher viscosity index, according to a senior official at Toyota Motor Corp.

JASO Preps Ultra-low-viscosity PCMO Spec

The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization is preparing for adoption next month of a new specification for ultra-low-viscosity 0W-12 and 0W-8 passenger car motor oils, GLV-1, with plans to introduce it to market in October.

Shandong to Phase Out Older Trucks

Shandong province aims by 2020 to replace all local diesel vehicles that dont comply with emissions standards newer than China 3 - which was adopted in 2005 - according to a policy issued Feb. 9.

Slow Asian Pick-up Seen for CK-4, FA-4

APIs newly adopted twin heavy-duty diesel engine oil categories are unlikely to receive broad early use in developing Asian countries due to issues of fuel quality and engine technology, according to the individual who led the development of the standards.

Next API Heavy-duty Spec Bound for Market

PC-11, the next heavy-duty engine oil category from the American Petroleum Institute, cleared several of its final hurdles this month and is being formally balloted to allow licensing to begin on Dec. 1, 2016. Once adopted, the category will be renamed API CK-4, with a companion fuel economy version named API FA-4.

Infineum: Involve Asia in Lube Specs

Asia has become the worlds largest and fastest-growing lubricant market, but it still relies largely on specifications developed in and for other regions. A major additive supplier contends its time that Asia played a role in standards development, but the company said it will be difficult to make that happen.

Indias CAFE: Cleaner Air, Better Lubes

Indias new fuel economy standards will demand lower viscosity automotive lubricants and more bespoke formulations, an official at a leading oil marketer says.

PetroChina Pushes New Gear Oils for Trucks

In Chinas trucking industry it has long been common to use a single, standard lubricant for both transmissions and axles. Some say the practice no longer provides adequate protection in modern heavy-duty trucks, but industry sources suggest operators may be slow to change their habits.

Better Oils Require United Front in India

Convincing Indian motorists to use higher quality engine oils requires a collective effort by car and motorcycle manufacturers, oil marketers, installers and traders, according to industry insiders attending a conference last week in Mumbai, India.

New JASO Diesel Wear Test Adopted

The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers has adopted a valve train wear test for diesel engine oils that ends reliance on a test motor no longer in circulation and reference oils that were also running out.
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