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Tariffs Impact Market Player Practices

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China has left the lubricant industry in the crossfire, and some market players are shifting their practices in an effort to mitigate financial burdens caused by the increased tariffs.

EPA Clarifies Chlorinated Paraffin Stance

The Environmental Protection Agency issued significant new use rules on Sept. 18 under the Toxic Substances Control Act that approve pre-manufacture notices for 10 chlorinated paraffin substances that are used in metalworking fluids.

ILSAC GF-6 Could Face More Delays

A proposed engine test that is key to the ILSAC GF-6 engine oil specification is failing to discriminate between reference oils, an API official reported last week.

PC-12 Appears on Horizon

North Americas auto and oil industries could begin work as early as next year on their next heavy-duty engine oil category, aiming to adopt PC-12 by 2027, an engine industry official told the ASTM D02 meeting last week in Atlanta.

FTC Tells Quaker Chem, Houghton to Divest

The United States Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that it will require Quaker Chemical and Houghton International to divest operations related to aluminum and steel rolling oils as a condition of their delayed merger.

Suppliers Sued Over 303 Tractor Fluids

Two Missouri residents petitioned to file a class action lawsuit against Smittys Supply Inc. and Tractor Supply Co., claiming yellow buckets of Smittys Super S Supertrac 303 tractor hydraulic fluid purchased from both companies failed to meet advertised specifications and performance claims.

Agreements Near for GF-6

Automakers and the lubricant industry are closer to wrapping up the long-delayed ILSAC GF-6 passenger car motor oil category after the International Lubricant Standardization and Advisory Committee issued a Jan. 31 response to a plan proposed by the American Chemistry Council last month.

Wax Industry Awaits Impact of Tariffs

U.S. distributors and manufacturers of wax and wax products are bracing for the impact of new tariffs on Chinese imports, which went into effect Sept. 1 after the Trump administration fired its latest shot in the ongoing trade war.

Ecuador Aims to Recycle More Used Lubes

The government of Ecuador aims for the country to recycle 100 percent of its used lubricants and has vowed to guarantee new investments to permit installation of processing plants under a Ministry of the Environment agreement signed earlier this month.

Scant Impact Expected from EPA Decision

Lubricant industry insiders predicted an EPA decision to ditch ambitious fuel economy targets may slow the shift toward 0W engine oils but wont reverse past progress toward lighter fluids.
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